Défilé Andrew Gn Printemps Eté 2011

"About six months ago, I was walking around Portobello in London ans I Noticed a girl with strawberry blonde hair and pale white skin, wearing a beautiful long, deep violet dress. It could have been a relic of the late 60's (Ossie Clark? Bill Gibb?) or a fashion student's modern rendition.
I was struck with the grace of that lenth, the way the fabric moved and flowed. i'm pretty sure it was crepe.
Crepe fell out of fashion long ago, but to me it is a wonderful fabroc, at once strong and soft. It defines the body without constraining it. For this season, I commissioned a triple-silk crepe woven especially for me to create maxi-dresses, soft cardigan-like coats, and blouse-like jackets.
I alos found a beautiful, early 20th centiry christening dress made of amazing Swiss eyelet cotton with inlays of antique lace; It is absolutly sumpruous ans recalls the Gobson girl blouse of that same period.
I have worked the eyelet theme in cotton voile, silk georgette ans silk crepe in all sorts of colours. Some motifs a

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