Tanzanite, Tanzania

The gem variety of zoisite was first reported in 1967 when first found about 40 kilometers southeast of Arusha, Tanzania and was named for the country of origin by Tiffany’s Vice President Henry Platt. Until the late 1980s, it was at first too rare to achieve much popularity. Though still much rarer than the “big three” gems; diamonds, rubies and emeralds, tanzanite has become very fashionable and actually exceeded emeralds in toal dollar volume in the last few years. This is particularly remarkable since most tanzanites being produced are in the two-carats or less range, have visible inclusions and demonstrate only medium or pale depth of color. Tanzanite combines the rich blue of fine sapphire with a hint of red-violet to produce gems of exceptional attractiveness. With the status of the mines in doubt due to flooding, good material is getting harder to find. This gemstone is an oval brilliant of excellent clarity and luster. Large, vibrant gems with a deep blue-violet color such as the present example are

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