Magnificent Sphene, Madagascar

Sphene is the older name for the mineral titanite and is derived from the Greek meaning “wedge” referring to its classic wedge-shaped crystal habit—it is still used by gemologists to describe gem-quality titanite. The name titanite is more typically used amongst mineralogists today and refers to its content of titanium. Madagascar remains the main source for facet-grade sphene—yet few examples reaching the market are of the quality of the present stone. Truly a museum-quality piece, this cushion-shaped gem has a yellowish-green body color and brilliant flashes of red and green—indicators of the high dispersion for which this mineral is known. The combination of color, large size, brilliance and adamantine luster make this example a unique opportunity to purchase a rare stone and is worthy of consideration for the serious gem collector.
Weighing approximately 62.5 carats and measuring 25.0 x 22.5 x 14.0mm

Date de cette photo : 1 mai 2008 - 19:37
Envoyé par : Alain Truong

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