Austinite, Mapimi, Mexico

Austinite is a fairly rare, yet much coveted collection mineral. It forms in the oxidation zone of zinc ore deposits and was named after Austin Flint Rogers (1877-1957) an American mineralogist at Stanford University. The acicular (needle-like) or bladed crystals of the mineral are infrequently large, thus it is exceptional rare to discover a crystal large enough to produce a stone of the present size. Worthy of attention by the most serious collector, this triangular-cut stone exhibits a very beautiful lime or celadon green color and is notable for its translucency and, in particular, its near-adamantine luster.
Weighing approximately 16.34 carats and measuring 16.5 x 8.5mm

Date de cette photo : 1 mai 2008 - 19:52
Envoyé par : Alain Truong

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