Natural Burmese Ruby, Burma.Photo Bonhams.

The moniker of "pigeon's blood" is a much sought-after name used to describe rubies, yet it is infrequently seen in the gemstone market. The present stone, with its fine, true red color, is deserving of that appellation. Found in an old estate, this stone, most likely originating from the fabled area of Mogok, was recently recut to improve its brilliance. This is a "pre-embargo" ruby, probably mined in the 1950s, natural, unheated, and with a weight of over 4 carats making it an extremely rare and desirable commodity in today's market. Weighing approximately 4.02 and measuring 9.5 x 7.5 x 4.5mm. Sold for US$ 60,000 (€44,846) Accompanied by the original Gemological Institute of America report #1136987564 dated October 14, 2011 stating that the original 4.18 carats ruby (its previous weight before recutting) originates from Burma and has no indications of heating. Accompanied by AGL (American Gemological Laboratories) report number CS 49437 dated May 8, 2012, stating that the 4.02 carats ruby is natural and u

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