MIDDLE MING DYNASTY. ( Chenghua-Hongzhi-Zhengde ) c.1480 - 1520.

This is Framed by a Scrolling Plant Design. Although Made at Jingdezhen the Quality and Type of Decoration Point to this being of 'Provincial' Type and would have been a Piece of Trade Porcelain, in other Words it is a Piece of Early Export Ware. As such, an Exact Date is Difficult, Designs of this Type were re-used and Change Little over Several Decades.
For a Very Similar Design See : The Sunken Treasures of Brunei Darussalam (Edited by Michel L'Hour) Page 56, Illustrated Opposite, ..."can be seen in the pottery museum of Jingdezhen, attributed to the Chenghua Period (1467-1488)" it Compares this with the Brunei Piece (BRU 1986). The Exact Date of the Brunei Darussalam is Still not known but it is Consistent the Dating we have given to the Present Bowl.

Vajra (Devanagari: वज्र) is a Sanskrit word meaning both thunderbolt and diamond and is ritual tool or spiritual implement which is symbolically important to both Buddhism and Hinduism, but is particularly important in Buddhism. The equivalent word i

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