Porcelain 'palace bowl' with underglaze blue decoration. Ming dy

This thinly potted bowl has rounded spreading sides and stands on a tapering foot ring. It is painted outside only with a continuous scroll of flowering stylized lotus. The outer rim, foot and join of foot to body are all emphasized by double blue lines. Inside it is plain. The base carries a six-character Chenghua reign mark in a double ring. Diameter: 15.3 centimetres. Height: 5.5 centimetres. Ming dynasty. Chenghua mark and period (1465-1487). Bequeathed by Mrs Walter Sedgwick. Registration number: 1968,0422.35. British Museum. © Trustees of the British Museum

Another bowl of this type is in the Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art, British Museum, London.

Bibliographic reference: Harrison-Hall, Jessica, Catalogue of Late Yuan and Ming Ceramics in the British Museum, London, BMP, 2001

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