Porcelain 'palace bowl' with underglaze blue decoration.

This delicately potted bowl has rounded spreading sides and stands on a tapering foot ring. It is painted outside with three separate fruiting melon plants with round fruit, leafy vines and tendrils. The outer rim, foot and join of foot to body are all emphasized by double blue lines. Inside it is plain. The base carries a six-character Chenghua reign mark in a double ring. Height: 7 centimetres. Diameter: 15.4 centimetres. Ming dynasty. Chenghua mark and period (1465-1487). The Seligman Collection of Oriental Art. Bequeathed by Brenda Zara Seligman. Registration number: 1973,0726.363. British Museum. © Trustees of the British Museum

A similar bowl of the same size, also decorated with melons and vines and with a Chenghua mark, was excavated in the Chenghua strata at the imperial kiln site at Jingdezhen. The design of fruiting melon vines was particularly pertinent to the Chenghua emperor's preoccupations (see BM 1953.0416.2) as melons and vines are a symbol of fecundity, commonly referred to by the four-c

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