China - Sui dynasty (AD 589 - 618)

A rare large greenish straw-glazed stoneware vase, Sui dynasty (581-618) A pair of straw-glazed pottery figures of turko-mongolian attendants, Sui-early Tang dynasty, 6th-7th century A rare olive-glazed stoneware ovoid bottle, Sui-Early Tang dynasty, 6th-7th century Figure of a mule with a sack across its back, China, Sui Dynasty (AD 589 - 618), Ashmolean Museum, Oxford A pair of painted pottery figures of horses and riders, Sui-Early Tang dynasty1 A_Yueyao_celadon_jar__China__Sui_Tang_dynasty__circa_600_AD A large olive-glazed red pottery figure of a foreign soldier, China, Sui dynasty (AD 581-618) A rare green-glazed carved bowl SuiTang Dynasty A rare northern Xingyao relief-moulded 'smiling mask' bowl Northern DynastiesSui Dynasty An unusual straw-glazed miniature double amphora vase Sui Dynasty Dish-Shaped Candlestand with Long, Ribbed Neck, Sui (581–618) or Tang dynasty (618–907), early 7th century Double-Bodied Amphora Vase, Sui dynasty (581–618) Globular Bowl, Sui (581–618) or Tang dynasty (618–907), early 7th century Ovoid Bottle, Sui (581–618) or Tang dynasty (618–907), early 7th century Pilgrim Flask (Bian Hu), Sui (581-618) or early Tang dynasty (618-907), c Two glazed white stoneware cups, Sui-Tang dynasty Vase with Dragon-Shaped Handle and Two Loop Handles, Sui dynasty (581–618) A glazed circular ink stone, circular ink stone, China, Sui-Early Tang Dynasty, 6th-7th century A pale celadon-glazed stoneware bottle vase, China, Sui dynasty (AD 581-618) A large amber-glazed vase, Sui dynasty A large amber-glazed vase, Sui dynasty (581–618) Lotus vase excavated in Zibo, Shandong A very rare white glazed jar, Tang Dynasty (AD618-907) A large jar and cover, China, Sui Dynasty (581-618) A rare, small bowl with 8 medaillons in relief, China, Sui Dynasty (581-618) A sancai-glazed circular box and cover, Tang dynasty (618-907) A cup and pedestal stand, Sui Dynasty (A Two cups, Sui Dynasty (A Stele with Buddha Sakyamuni and two bodhisattvas, Sui dynasty, 581 - 618 CE An olive green-glazed stoneware jar, Sui dynasty An important and very rare white-glazed ‘elephant’ candle stand, Sui-early Tang dynasty, 6th-7th century An white-glazed human-shaped vessel, zun, Sui-early Tang dynasty, 6th-7th century Greenware stem dish with acanthus leaf, Changsha, 5th - 6th century AD, Sui Dynasty (AD 589 - 618) Black ware ewer with chicken head spout, Deqing kiln-sites, 5th century AD, Six Dynasties Period (AD 221 - 589) Greenware jar with loop handles, China, 7th century AD, Sui Dynasty (AD 589 - 618) - Tang Dynasty (AD 618 - 907) A glazed white stoneware cup, Sui-Early Tang Dynasty, 7th century A Chinese 'Jian' tea bowl, Song dynasty (960-1279) 1 Flask (Bianhu) with a Lion Attacking an Ox, China, Late Six Dynasties period, Northern Zhou dynasty or Sui dynasty, 556-618 Green Glazed Amphora, Late Sui – Early Tang Dynasty, 6th – 7th c A pair of unusual small straw-glazed pottery earth spirits, Sui dynasty (581-618)  A white stoneware cup, Sui Dynasty A fine qingbai cup, Northern Song dynasty Vase with dish-shaped mouth, Southern China, Sui dynasty (581-618) A Large High-Fired Glazed White Ware Cup A Rare Large High-Fired Early White Ware Cup, Sui-early Tang dynasty, 6th-7th century A pair of white stoneware bowls, Sui-Tang dynasty A miniature jar, Sui dynasty (581-618) A rare green-glazed stoneware lamp, Sui dynasty, 6th century A straw-glazed pottery figure of a female equestrienne, Sui dynasty (AD 581-618) 29026468_201458330624194_438508314016350208_n A green-glazed footed dish, Sui dynasty (581-618) SC281564 A large straw-glazed pottery amphora, Sui-Early Tang dynasty