08 octobre 2005

Demeulemeester's whimsy, and Gn's power of the flower

PARIS.... Andrew Gn embraced the power of the flower for his spring/summer collection. Flowers showed up trickling down the backs of tailored jackets to pool at hemlines, racing up the outsides of pant legs or appearing as lace inserts on off-the-shoulder silk mousseline tops.Gn once again showed off his talent for embroidery, with almost every outfit embellished with glass or wood beads at the cuffs, waist or collar. A 3D-pineapple appliqué on the front of a cream jacket displayed the designer's strong technique as well as his sense... [Lire la suite]
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05 octobre 2005

Andrew GN Spring Summer 2006: The Runway Rewiew

PARIS, October 5, 2005 – Over the course of four years in business, Andrew Gn has built himself a coterie of Upper East Side fans who keep his rich-looking coats, with their demi-couture details, flying out of Bergdorf and Bendel. Given the new direction evident in his spring collection, though, it looks like Gn has the potential to make the leap downtown—embracing the girls who are bar-hopping at the Stanton Social, as well as those who are lunching at Le Bilboquet. This season, the designer's signature coats came in black and... [Lire la suite]
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05 octobre 2005

Andrew GN à son défilé du 5 Octobre 2005

Photo: Marcio Madeira
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05 octobre 2005

Andrew GN Spring Summer 2006: The Catwalk Report

A MAINSTAY of the Park Avenue Princess' wardrobe, with Andrew Gn you tend to know what you're gonna get, but that doesn't mean his show this morning, with its cocktail-to-floorlength dresses and endless array of pretty sculpted coats, isn't worth a good look. Leaving Bergdorf's for a moment to woo a trendier dresser with the odd crocheted top or brown and green printed off the shoulder dress, the Singapore-born, Paris-based designer stuck mainly to the rich list in a show that encouraged plenty of flexing from all those Daddy's girls... [Lire la suite]
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05 octobre 2005

Andrew GN Spring Summer 2006: The Look

Andrew GN didn't put a foot wrong in this accomplished collection. Crepe suits with pretty beading were worn with long shorts, while off-the-shoulder blouses and sundresses will delight his customers. Lace and embroidery rhymed with femininity, with elegant crocodile shoes in a look which leant towards the seventies, with psychedelic prints for the cocktail hour. Glamorous dresses in strong turquoise, aniseed and black will undoubtedly pop up at fabulous soirées from New York to Rio and Shanghai. (Courtesy... [Lire la suite]
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05 octobre 2005

Andrew Gn Spring 2006: Sexily Innocent

PARIS Oct 5, 2005/ FW/ --- Andrew GN embellishes with style for a spring summer collection of grown up seventies silhouettes in a pretty perfect picture of psychedelic floral prints, contrasting black and white and embroidery genius going beyond simple prêt a porter. Almost sexily innocent, shoulders are bare and skirts short, trousers are tight and jackets either long to elongate the torso or short for accentuated waistlines. The collection rich in detail is always beautiful, but at times forgets the seasonal with looks often... [Lire la suite]
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03 octobre 2005

The New China Chic at the Kennedy Center

Fashion exhibits offer an advantage that the runway shows cannot: the ability to truly study and appreciate the designs of budding talents up close and personal.  The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. is the venue where fashion buffs can visit the exhibit, “The New China Chic,” a showcase of Asian and Asian-American designers whose work retains Chinese cultural ties.  These designers, some experienced and others newer in the game, are making a big splash.  The exhibit, on display from October 4-16, 2005 in the Terrace... [Lire la suite]
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