Jannis Kounellis, Senza Titolo, 1961. © Jannis Kounellis

REGGIO EMILIA, ITALY.-Saturday 29 September 2007 will see the opening – in the historical plant of Max Mara company, the Maramotti Collection of international contemporary art from the second postwar period to the present day. The entrance is free and only by booking on the phone or the Internet via the website www.collezionemaramotti.org.
An important selection of two hundreds artworks in the Collection, comprising several hundreds works all together, is therefore offered on display to art connoisseurs and lovers, following the desire of the founder, Achille Maramotti.
The permanent Collection, on display on two floors in the old company factory in a layout comprising forty three rooms and two open spaces, starts with several important European paintings representing the expressionist and abstract trends of the late Forties-early Fifties, defined as informal movement, and a group of Italian pre-conceptual works (Fontana, Burri, Fautrier, Manzoni). Followed by relevant groups of paintings from the so-called Roman Pop Art (Angeli, Festa, Schifano, Tacchi), of Arte Povera in its double Roman and Turin articulation (Kounellis, Boetti, Merz, Penone, Pistoletto, Zorio, Anselmo) and Conceptual Art.
These works are followed by fundamental paintings of Transavanguardia (Cucchi, Chia, Clemente, De Maria, Paladino), relevant examples of German (Kiefer, Baselitz, Polke, A.R. Penck) and American (Basquiat, Schnabel, Salle) new-expressionism; then we find a group of works of the New American Geometry from the Eighties-Nineties (Halley, Scully, Taaffe, Burton, Bleckner) and the most recent American and British experimentations (Ritchie, Gallagher, Barry X Ball, Sachs, Essenhigh, Craig-Martin, Maloney). Lire la suite