Monkeybiz, a nonprofit group in Cape Town, South Africa, supports women’s health care by distributing beaded animals made by more than 450 women in communities outside the city. The organization gives supplies and training to the women, who work at home and sell the finished pieces back to Monkeybiz. The one-of-a-kind animals are then sold at stores like Carrol Boyes, 118 Prince Street (Greene Street), (212) 334-3556, for $78 to $312, and ABC Carpet & Home, 888 Broadway (19th Street), (212) 473-3000, for $30 to $200. They can be ordered from shop.monkeybiz.co.za, for $20 to $80 (the giraffes, left, are $80 each online), but shipping is extra and can be steep.  MARIANNE ROHRLICH (www.nytimes.com)