January 17, 1933 - Dalida (Born Yolanda Christina Gigliotti) (January 17, 1933–May 3, 1987) was an Egyptian-born singer of Italian origins who lived most of her life in France. She received 55 golden records and was the first singer to receive a diamond disc.In 1951, Dalida entered a beauty pageant, and shortly after began working as a model for a Cairo-based fashion house. In 1954, she entered the Miss Egypt pageant, and was awarded first prize. It was here she was spotted by French director Marc de Gastyne, and, much to the reluctance of her parents, she moved to Paris on Christmas Eve of the same year with the intention of pursuing a career in motion pictures. It was about this time she adopted the namesake Dalila, which was shortly thereafter changed to the more familiar Dalida. Dalida performed and recorded in more than 10 languages including: French, Italian, Arabic, German, Spanish, Hebrew, English, Dutch, Japanese, and Greek. On May 3, 1987 Dalida died as a result of an overdose of barbiturates, leaving a suicide note reading "Life has become unbearable ... Forgive me." Dalida was buried in the Cimetière de Montmartre, Paris, and a life-size statue of the singer stands outside her tomb. Since her death, Dalida has become a cult figure to a new generation of fans. In 1988, The Encyclopedia Universalis commissioned a poll which was eventually published in daily newspaper Le Monde, the aim of which was to reveal personalities that had the greatest impact on French society. Dalida polled second, behind Général de Gaulle.(Wikipedia.org)

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