Meteorite Dragon Tanto Knife; Gibeon, Namibia, Africa

This large Dragon Tanto Knife boasts a 5.75 x 1.25-inch blade made of 100% meteoritic material from the highly desired Gibeon iron-nickel meteorite. Gibeon meteorites are highly praised by collectors for their fantastic Widmanstatten pattern which is revealed when they are etched. The knife’s unique, expertly crafted design includes a silver winged dragon form on the silver end cap. The handle is made of exotic Amboyna Burl from Indonesia. A unique and desirable collectible. Measures 12 1/4in. Sold for $3,300 (Copyright © 2002-2008 Bonhams 1793 Ltd., Images and Text All Rights Reserved)

Bonhams. Natural History, 22 Jun 2008. 220 San Bruno Street, San Francisco // 7601 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles.