A Blue and White Censer and a Blue and White Bowl. Qing Dynasty, Kangxi Period

The censer of low cylindrical bombé form, painted with a Buddhist lion among antiques; the circular bowl with flared lip and straight foot, painted with a phoenix, cranes and birds among lotus, peony and rockwork, the interior with a floral spray encircled by a double circle, the interior lip border with Buddhist symbols and lotus, underside of foot with stylized double-fish mark (2) - diameters 7 3/4 , 7 1/4 in., 19.7, 18.4 cm - 5,000—7,000 USD - Adjugé: 5 000 USD

PROVENANCE : (The bowl) Gift from the Kangxi emperor to Viceroy Tien of 'Chin-Chiu', Fujian province, 1670 (by repute).
Thence by descent (until circa 1900).
Thereafter with Senator A. Burlingame Johnson; the censer with Johnson before 1923.
(Both) Thence by descent to the current owners.

EXHIBITED : (Both) Los Angeles Museum of History, Science and Art, circa 1923, (the bowl) cat.no. 56, (both illustrated).

NOTE : According to Senator Johnson in the introduction to his handbook for the Los Angeles exhibition, the present bowl was acquired from descendants of Viceroy Tien of Fujian province, who had been given a group of porcelains by the Kangxi emperor in recognition of his services in pacifying the areas newly under the sway of the Manchus. Johnson relates how, after much effort and patience, he acquired approximately 50 pieces of Kangxi's gifted porcelain from the descendants of Viceroy Tien, including this bowl.

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