An extensive collection of blue and white 298 objects. Ming and Qing dynasty, mostly Kangxi period

comprising: four chargers with the coats-of-arms of Harck of Amsterdam and (probably) of Van der Does of Holland and Brabant, Qianlong, two 'Klapmuts' bowls, Chenghua six-character-mark, two bowls, four 'Kraakporselein' bowls with everted rims, Wanli, fourteen various dishes, a matched set of three beaker vases, two pairs of ovoid vases, a five-piece garniture, a five-piece miniature garniture, a pair of small ovoid vases, a pair of small baluster vases, a collection of sixteen miniature vases, four various vases and two loose covers, two Kendi, Wanli, four teapots and covers, an ovoid teacaddy and cover, a jug and cover, Emblem mark, two octagonal silver-mounted bowls, leaf mark, a rice bowl and cover, and a large number of various teabowls and saucers, overall damages, chips and hairline cracks. chargers: 38 and 42.5cm. diameter. Estimate 4,000—6,000 EUR

Sotheby's. Furniture, Clocks, Silver, Ceramics and Decorative Arts. 29 Oct 08. Amsterdam. Photo courtesy Sotheby's.