An Impressive Suite Of Pearl, Emerald And Diamond Jewellery

The necklace designed as a pendant set with a square-shaped emerald weighing 108.36 carats that can be mounted either as a cabochon or a cut emerald and a button pearl weighing 152.40 grains (38.10 carats) within a vari-cut diamond surround to the graduated six strand pearl necklace and emerald and diamond clasp, button pearl section detachable, the ear pendants each suspending a drop-shaped pearl weighing 108.08 grains (27.02 carats) and 100.48 grains (25.12 carats) and measuring 23.0 by 14.5 mm and 23.1 by 14.3 mm respectively, bracelet and ring en suite, necklace 42.3 cm long, ear pendants 6.5 cm long, bracelet 19.3 cm long, ring size 7, forty-nine of the pearls have not been tested for natural origin
Accomapanied by four reports from the Gem & Pearl Testing Laboratory of Bahrain with the following results:

13346 9 October 2002 38.10 button natural pearl
13347 9 October 2002 27.02 drop natural pearl
13370 19 October 2002 25.12 drop natural pearl

Reports 13485 and 13492 dated 10 and 11 November 2002 from the Gem and Pearl Testing Laboratory of Bahrain stating that nine hundred and eighty-one of the pearls were found to be natural
The remaining forty-nine pearls are untested.

Estimate $650,000 - $750,000

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