A Rare Suit Of Ceremonial Armour With Helmet And Quiver, China, 19th ct.

Ceremonial suits of armour of this type were worn by high-ranking officers during ceremonies when the Emperor reviewed his armies to assess their strength, cavalry, archery, and combatting techniques. Made of satin padded with cotton, trimmed and lined with blue silk, they were covered with gilt studs and embroidered with dragon roundels. L.157cm, Helm 100 - Minor wear, incomplete - Estimate 20 000 €

Provenance: According to Valery M.Garrett in 'Chinese Clothing: An Illustrated Guide', Oxford 1994, pl. 122, ceremonial suits of armour were made in the Imperial workshops in Hangzhou, and when not worn were stored at the Western Gate of the Forbidden City.

Notes: Compare a complete set of suit of armour in the Musueo Oriental de Valladolid, illustrated ibd., fig.11.2; another similar suit of ceremonial armour with helmet and quiver was sold at Christies Hong Kong, 29th April 2002, lot 587; another one sold at Sothebys London, 13 November 2002, lot 17



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