A Fine Shibayama-Mounted Aikuchi. Edo Period

The hira-zukuri blade (details of nakago unavailable) with midare hamon (chipped, bent and with large hagire), the gold lacquered tsuka inlaid in horn, mother-of-pearl and coral with a basket of flowers and a vase of flowers on the reverse, the silver fuchi-kashira decorated with leaves and flowers in polychrome enamels, in its gold lacquered saya inlaid in horn, mother-of-pearl, coral and ivory with a cherry tree in blossom, wisteria and two ducks, one in polychrome enamels, the reverse with a cherry tree in blossom, chrysanthemums and a flower basket, the silver mounts comprising koi-guchi, kurikata, urugawara, a kojiri and kodzuka all of silver decorated in polychrome enamels en suite with the tsuka (some losses to shibayama inlay) - 24.6 cm. blade - Sold for £10,800

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