21 mars 2009

Editorial : Albert Reed and Ryan Cooper for Numéro Homme

Photos Albert Reed by by Matthias Vriens - Photos Ryan Cooper by Liz Collins

21 mars 2009

Portfolio : "Good Morning, Miro" by Didio

photos Didio
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21 mars 2009

Will, first birthday

Good Morning! First present Playing on the swings by the London Eye Birthday lunch. Mmmmm humous, my favourite! Birthday trip to London Aquarium. Will squealed with delight whenever the large fish circled past. Checking out the more exotic fish. Will singing to the turtles - the blue danube! Will's Birthday Party Feast. Sunday March 8th. Martha, Molly and Will get down to the serious business of playing And more... [Lire la suite]
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21 mars 2009

Paul Klee

"The birds' song gets on my nerves. I feel like trampling every worm." Paul Klee
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