An apulian red-figure hydria, attributed possibly to the circle of the Baltimore painter. 4th century B.C. 

With three seated females, the female to left holding situla and phiale attended by winged Eros holding garland, thyrsos and grape bunch, the central female holding wreath and fan, looking back at a naked youth leaning on a staff, holding phiale, female on the right holding mirror and phiale attended by winged Eros with fan and xylophone, dividing the friezes a band with central female head emerging from acanthus leaves and scrolling tendrils, the shoulder with central youth in Phrygian costume, and lyre-playing female, seated together on ornate couch, Nike flying above, on the left a seated female with open casket and fan, another standing with parasol, to the right a seated female holding phiale and another reaching to a situla, band of meander and dotted squares below, the reverse and sides with palmettes and scrolling tendrils, details in added red, white and yellow. 21 in. (53.2 cm.) high. Est. £15,000 - £25,000. Lot sold £39,650

A Thermoluminescence Analysis Report from Oxford Authentication Ltd. accompanies this lot.

Provenance: Formerly in a Japanese private collection, acquired during the 1970s-1980s.

Christie's. Antiquities. 28 April 2009. London, South Kensington www.christies.com Photo: Christie's Images Ltd. 2009