Follower of Lambert Sustris, Susanna and the Elders

oil on canvas. 130 by 178 cm. Est. 20,000—30,000 USD - Lot Sold 68,500 US

Note: Lambert Sustris (born c. 1515-1520, died c. 1584) was a Dutch painter active mainly in Venice during the Mannerist style. He is also referred to as Alberto de Olanda (Albert of Holland). He was born in Amsterdam, and only came to Venice when over 40 years old. His training is unknown, but he was utilized by the studio of Titian for the depiction of landscapes. He accompanied Titian on his trips to Augsburg in 1548 and 1550-1551, and there executed portraits. Returning to Venice, he was influenced by Parmigianino and Andrea Meldolla. He was a teacher to Girolamo Muziano. (Wikipedia)

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