Tabatière en porcelaine. Chine, marque Qianlong, époque Qianlong (1736-1795) ou postérieure

décorée sur une face d'un pêcheur dans sa barque entouré d'un paysage neigeux, l'autre face inscrite d'un poème et de cachets; bouchon en porcelaine en forme de chapeau officiel. 6,3 cm, 2 1/2 in. Est. 5,000—7,000 EUR. Lot Sold 11,250 EUR

PROVENANCE: Collection Schaetzen Herlaer
Collection Delbec, Belgium

NOTE: The poem can be translated as follows "an old man wearing coat and rattan hat, on a lonely boat, fishing alone in the winter on the snowy river", the two seals on the left read Qianlong and the one on the right is the hall mark Leshan Tang (Hall of Delight in Goodness, Qianlong's princely residence)

This rare subject of a fisherman in a snowy landscape appears on a pair of Imperial Qianlong vases, exhibited and illustrated in the National Palace Museum, Taipei, Stunning Decorative porcelains from the Ch'ie,n-Lung Reign, 2008, no.55, p.168. The design of the present bottle is very similar and has the same Hall mark at the right of the Imperial poem.

The flat shape is typical of the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th century (cf a Famille Rose example in Chinese Snuff Bottles from the Sanctum of Enlightened Respect III, no.183, p.214; and The Baur Collection, Chinese Snuff Bottles, Geneva 2007, p.176, no.H67 for an iron red and underglaze blue dragon Qianlong bottle)

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