A group of blue and white export porcelain containers with silver fittings. 18th Century

The first, a bottle decorated with 'One Hundred Antiques', silver collar and elaborate finial; the second, a rectangular-sectioned tea caddy with canted corners, floral spray decoration, silver collar and cover; the third, a square-sectioned jar with a floral spray and dense leaf panel on each flat side, leaf mark on the recessed base and removable silver collar around the cylindrical neck. 9 to 5 in (23 to 12.5cm) high. Estimate: $1,200 - 1,500


A blue and white porcelain square tile. 18th Century

Thickly sectioned and painted to one side in shades of cobalt with a hummingbird drawn to the flowers and grasses surrounding a garden rock, all framed by a narrow wanzi diaper band with floral reserves. 9 7/8in (25cm) high. Estimate: $2,000 - 3,000


A large blue and white porcelain jardinière. 18th Century

Thickly potted and painted in underglaze blue with a narrow pearl band below the rolled rim and four large panels of beauties, sages and a battle scene extending down the curving walls, the wide foot and shallow recessed base unglazed. 19 1/2in (49.5cm) high. 22 1/2in (57cm) diameter. Estimate: $4,000 - 6,000


A large blue and white porcelain meiping. 18th Century

Of slender baluster form with a high rounded shoulder, short waisted neck, and recessed foot, painted under a layer of clear glaze in brilliant cobalt blue, depicting classic lotus flowers borne on leaf scrolls between two bands of vertical leaf lappets and borders of flower-heads and leiwen patterns; the foot pad left unglazed. 15in (38cm) high. Estimate: $8,000 - 12,000


A large Ming style porcelain basin. 18th Century

Thickly potted with a flat, unglazed base, its slightly canted walls painted in deep cobalt wash and line with a flower head and densely leafed scroll pattern accented with further dots to imitate the undissolved specks of cobalt found on Ming porcelains, the celadon-tinged glaze over the decoration continuing onto the interior well which is undecorated. 20 1/2in (52cm) diameter. Estimate: $8,000 - 12,000

Bonhams. Fine Asian Works of Art, 29 Jun 2009. 220 San Bruno Avenue, San Francisco www.bonhams.com