A white jade covered censer. Late Qing Dynasty

Thinly sectioned and intricately reticulated with a classic lotus flower and leaf scroll design surrounding the finial and curving walls of the domical cover, repeating to the wide rim flange of the censer raised on four short cabriole legs, the two principal and two subsidiary handles suspending loose rings shaped as flowering peony branches, the polished matrix displaying a faint celadon tinge marked with icy white veins, natural fissure lines and faint russet patches. 91/4in (23.5cm) wide. Estimate: $20,000 - 30,000


A white jade censer. Late Qing Dynasty

Of very thin profile, constructed with three sections, the compressed globular body with a short waisted neck and gently curved rim, flanked by two deeply undercut flower-form handles issuing two loose rings, its exterior walls carved in subtle relief with two opposing Guanyin images seated between lotuses in full blossom, the rim and the hollowed cabriole legs finely reticulated with classic lotus flowers and leaf scrolls that recurs to the two-sectioned covers, each embellished with three loose rings on its side suspended from delicate leaf scrolls; the matrix highly polished to a pleasant soft luster.  7 1/4in (18.4cm). Estimate: $10,000 - 15,000


A fine Mughal style nephrite teapot. Qing Dynasty

Thinly-sectioned, finely carved to its flattened peach-shaped body and spout in subtle relief, with classic lotus flowers and leaf scrolls repeated to the border of its cover, the elegantly curved handle carved with flower petals and finished to one end with a loop suspending a loose ring, the cover topped with an undercut blossom on a slightly raised platform; the attractive white stone polished to a soft luster with minimal inclusions. 4 1/4in (10.8cm) high. Estimate: $4,000 - 6,000


A fine nephrite covered vase. Qing Dynasty

Of archaistic guang form, supported on the back of a ferocious mythical beast, standing with upturned wings flanking the sides of the vase decorated with a lion head and an undercut chilong to both the rim and the cover; the white stone of a very faint celadon tone well polished to an attractive luster. 3 3/4in (9.5cm) high. Estimate: $4,000 - 5,000


A nephrite carving of a figure. Qing Dynasty

Possibly depicting the celebrated female poet Li Qingzhao in a long ribbon-tied robe, standing next to a plantain tree grown from the gap of a fantastic rock, her left hand holding a large plantain leaf, her right hand holding a brush, her fancy chignon finely detailed with incised lines; the stone of pale celadon tone displaying patches of brown, oatmeal, and gray-colored inclusions and natural fissure lines.
5 1/8in (13cm) high. Estimate: $1,000 - 1,500

Bonhams. Fine Asian Works of Art, 29 Jun 2009. 220 San Bruno Avenue, San Francisco www.bonhams.com