24 août 2009

Canh Hung Thong Bao

Annam (ancient Vietnam) Canh Hung Thong Bao, AD1740 Official issue with broad rim. 24.7mm, 4.10g, VF. Price 5 USD @ dong_hua_zhai's Coins and Antiques
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24 août 2009

Hong Duc Thong Bao

Annam (now Vietnam) Hong Duc Thong Bao, AD1470-98 Issued by Thanh-tong, the 4th King of the Le Dynasty (1428-1785). The Inscriptions of this coin are very sharp and deep. . It's Toda's No.51. 24.16mm, 3.87g beautiful XF. Price 8 USD @ dong_hua_zhai's Coins and Antiques
24 août 2009

"Marvin Lipofsky: 1969 - 2009" @ Micaela Gallery

SAN FRANCISCO, CA.- Marvin Lipofsky's use of glass as a gestural artistic material helped to reinvent a centuries-old craft tradition as a Modernist art form. His sculptures crystallize a lifetime of travel and material investigation, as well as the sumptuous colors of the natural landscape, the visceral forms of the body, and the alchemical processes of manipulating blown glass. As an artist, educator, and inveterate traveler, Lipofsky has been an inspirational force throughout the international glass community for more than four... [Lire la suite]
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24 août 2009

Modern and contemporary masters drawings @ Olyvia Kwok in October

LONDON.- Olyvia Kwok is to present an exhibition of exquisite drawings by modern and contemporary masters, including Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Marc Chagall, Salvador Dali, Christo, Alexander Calder and Keith Haring at her London gallery in October. “Black on Paper” heralds the expansion of Olyvia Oriental, a gallery specialising in contemporary Chinese and Asian art, into Western modern and contemporary art. To emphasize this extra dimension of the gallery, it will be re launched as Olyvia Fine Art. Whilst much less expensive... [Lire la suite]