A square ink stone with zitan base and cover, 18th Century © 2002-2009 Bonhams 1793 Ltd

The square stone fashioned with a recessed well and carved with an inscription in archaistic juan shu script, bearing a date of the 57th year of the Kangxi reign (1718), and the signature of the noted 18th century inkstone enthusiast Huang Ren as well as a seal reading Xintian Huang Shi Zhen Cang (from the collection of Mr. Huang of Xintian). 2x5in square (5 x 12.5cm) (方形石碩與紫檀蓋盒). Sold for $7,625


An ink stone with zitan cover, 19th Century © 2002-2009 Bonhams 1793 Ltd

The irregularly shaped stone inscribed with an ode to fine stones by a Liu [Binshan] of Panyu, Canton province, zitan cover. height 1 1/4in; width 6 1/2in; depth 4 1/4in (十九世紀石碩與紫檀蓋). Sold for $2,196


A zitan cup with mallow decoration, Mubei, 18th Century © 2002-2009 Bonhams 1793 Ltd

Carved and undercut with mallow flowers growing from a network of stems and branches, one cluster forming a handle, the well-hollowed cup a deep rich brown hue and polished on the interior to a warm luster. 2in (5.1cm) high; 4in (10.3cm) diameter (十八世紀紫檀雕錦葵花圖杯). Sold for $2,196


A bronze brush rest, Bijia, 18th Century © 2002-2009 Bonhams 1793 Ltd

Cast in the form of two confronted dragons, their lithe bodies forming the base of the rest and entertwined at the center point under leg-shaped supports.
2 1/4in (5.7cm) high;6 3/4in (17.3cm) long (十八世紀銅雙龍筆架). Sold for $2,745


Bonhams. The Geldart Collection of Chinese Furniture, Scholar's Objects and Carpets, 18 Sep 2009. 580 Madison Avenue, New York www.bonhams.com

A zitan brush pot, Bitong, 19th Century © 2002-2009 Bonhams 1793 Ltd

The slightly tapered convex vessel with elegant ghost images in the tight-grained timber. 5 1/2in (14cm) high (十九世紀紫檀筆筒). Sold for $3,050