A fine blue-ground yellow-enamelled dish, China, Qianlong seal mark and period

D. 25,2 cm - Est. 3 000,00 €

A Qianlong dish of this design in Taiwan was included in the 'Special Exhibition of Dragon-Motif Porcelain in the National Palace Museum', Taipei 1983


A yellow-ground blue and white decorated porcelain bottle, vase, China, 19th century

H. 35,3 cm - Est. 1 200,00 €

Property from an European private collection


A pair of yellow-glazed blue and white dragon saucer dishes, China, Yongzheng seal marks

One dish restucked, the other with small restored rim chip - D. 16,2 cm - Est. 600,00 €

Property from an important European private collection

Nagel Auctions. Asian Art. 30 October 2009 http://www.auction.de/