A rare brown-glazed shallow circular flask, Xixia Dynasty

Of compressed globular shape, the top all under a thick lustrous dark brown glaze pooling around four short loop handles set at the compass points at the outside edge, a flanged short neck aperture at one side, the centre incised through the glaze to the oatmeal biscuit with a single large calligraphic spray of leafy lotus, the underside partially under a thinner paler brown glaze wash. 27.5cm (10¾in) wide. - Sold for £8,400

Note: The dating of this lot is consistent with the result of a thermoluminescence test, Oxford Authentication Ltd, no P109m71.

Compare a similar brown-glazed tortoise-shaped flask with incised lotus peony blossom encircled by concentric lines floral scrolls, attributed to the Xixia Dynasty and Lingwu kilns, illustrated in Jiurutang Collection, Hong Kong, 2003, fig.232, where it is noted that the flask was meant to be carried on the body during excursions and was amongst the daily utensils of the Xixia people around Gansu, Ningxia and West Shaanxi.


A black-glazed foliate-rimmed bowl, Northern Song Dynasty

Rising from a short circular foot to a compressed globular body with flaring six-lobed rim, the interior and exterior covered with a lustruous black glaze, thinning at the rims and edges to a speckled russet and hazy green tone, the glaze stopping irregularly above the foot and the central well. 15.1cm (6in) wide.- Sold for £5,400

Provenance: a Danish private collection

The dating of this lot is consistent with the result of a thermoluminescence test, Oxford Authentication Ltd., P109m69.

Compare an example from the Falk collection, sold at Christie's New York, 16 October 2001, lot 77, and more recently in the same rooms, 19 March 2008, lot 528.


Two unusual early creamy-white saucer dishes, Song and Jin Dynasty

A relief-moulded small Dingyao-type dish, crisply moulded with a single branch issuing two melons beneath a band of overlapping petals, Song Dynasty, 10cm (4in) diam.; and a six-lobed shallow dish of Huozhou type moulded with a central floral medallion below birds around the well, the edge with a copper band, Jin Dynasty, 12.3cm (4⅞in) diam. (2). Sold for £2,520

Provenance: Dr Carl Kempe, Stockholm nos.462 and 637
An English private collection

Illustrated: Bo Gyllensvard, Chinese Ceramics in the Carl Kempe Collection, Stockholm, 1964, pls.462 and 435.


A Dingyao carved dish, Northern Song Dynasty

Rising from a short circular foot ring, the interior freely carved with a single fish swimming amidst lotus flowers, all beneath a thin pale ivory glaze pooling to a pale green tinge in characteristic 'teardrops' on the exterior. 8.6cm (3¼in) diam. Sold for £1,800


A Zhejiang green-glazed dish, 14th/15th century

Crisply moulded at the centre of the interior with a large roundel of trellis pattern, the border incised with scattered clouds and leafy sprays. 36cm (14¼in) diam .- Sold for £1,920

Provenance: S. Marchant & Son, London, label
An English private collection, London, purchased by the late father of the present owner

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