A group of Islamic gold Jewellery Items. photo Bonhams


A garnet-set gold Ring, Greater Persia, 11th/ 12th Century, of stirrup-shape, the garnet inscribed in kufic;

Three Seljuk Islamic gem-set gold Rings, Persia, 12th/ 13th Century, each with a rectangular high bezel, the sides of the gold settings variously engraved, one embellished with niello;

An Islamic gold Ring, probably 19th Century;

An Islamic inscribed gold Swivel, 19th Century or later, with a tear-shaped pendant engraved with inscriptions; and

A Seljuk gold filigree Pendant, Persia, 12th/ 13th Century, the main body of circular form composed of confronting beasts, a bird in the centre with suspension hoook
(7) Estimate: £1,200 - 1,500


A Timurid gold-mounted inscribed hardstone talismanic Pendant. Persia, 15th Century and later. photo Bonhams

the lapis lazuli stone engraved with inscriptions and a central star set in a later gem-set mount, 5.2 cm. long - Estimate: £400 - 600

Footnote: The inscriptions in positive comprise Qur'an, sura CXIII, al-Ikhlas.


A Seljuk turquoise-set gold Ring. Persia, 12th-13th Century. photo Bonhams

the shoulders engraved with arabesques, the underside of the bezel decorated with a bird, remains of enamel, 2.4 cm. diam. Estimate: £400 - 600

Bonhams. The Knightsbridge Islamic and Indian Art Sale, 9 Jun 2010. Knightsbridge www.bonhams.com