A flambé glazed stoneware vase.Daoguang Mark. photo Bonhams

Its lobed rim in the shape of a six-petaled flower with conforming lobes descending through the neck and globular body, covered by mottled glaze of opaque sky blue and purple-red, the recessed base bearing a stamped six-character mark beneath a rust brown glaze;7 3/4in (19.5cm) high -Sold for $39,650


Two celadon glazed porcelain saucers.Yongzheng Marks. photo Bonhams

Of shallow curving form, the celadon glaze applied over the exterior walls lightly incised with a lingzhi fungus pattern, the remaining surfaces covered in a colorless glaze, the recessed base bearing the six-character mark enclosed within a double ring.;4 5/8in (11.5cm) diameter -Sold for $6,710


A cobalt ground glazed porcelain stem bowl.Daoguang Mark and Period. photo Bonhams

Its exterior walls and upper stem molded in very shallow relief with narrow horizontal bands of lines, dots and fish scales while a band of hooks within triangular reserves surround the splayed section of the stem, the six-character mark molded in raised relief to the recessed base, the glaze and cobalt wash covering all surfaces except the foot pad and the rim meant to support a cover that is now lost.;6in (15cm) high -Sold for $3,965


Two flambé glazed stoneware vases. photo Bonhams

Each of flattened hu form covered with a mottled glaze of scarlet, pale blue and ivory: one of hexagonal section with cylindrical handles (chips to glaze along foot), the other of quadrilobed section with square handles (chips, repairs).;14 1/4 and 13 1/4in (36 and 33.5cm) high -Sold for $1,708


A copper red bell-form bowl.Transitional-Kangxi. photo Bonhams

Thickly potted with a flared rim, wide well and tall foot covered in an uneven colored scarlet wash beneath the colorless glaze also covering the recessed base painted in underglaze blue with a twin fish mark enclosed by a double ring (firing crack to foot).;8 3/8in (21.5cm) diameter -Estimate: $1,000 - 1,500. Unsold


A rose enameled porcelain deep dish. Guangxu Mark and Period. photo Bonhams

Its curving well and exterior walls covered with a dark pink enamel layer over a colorless glaze that appears across the base centered with the six-character mark in underglaze blue and along the mouth rim.;7 1/4in (18.5cm) diameter -Sold for $1,464


A yellow glazed porcelain bowl.19th Century. photo Bonhams

Of inverted bell form raised on a tall foot and covered with richly hued yellow enamel over a colorless glaze also appearing across the recessed base centered with a double ring in underglaze blue (hairline crack).;7 5/8in (19cm) diameter -Sold for $1,098


A Ru-style glazed porcelain bulb bowl. photo Bonhams

Potted with three trilobate feet supporting the flat-bottomed bowl with inverted mouth rim, the celadon glaze marked with ice-like craze lines and five oval spur marks on the underside.;6 1/4in (16cm) -Sold for $1,220

Bonhams. Asian Decorative Arts, 23 Aug 2010. 220 San Bruno Avenue, San Francisco www.bonhams.com