Sacrificial Red (Jihong), Glazed Stem Cup (Gao Zu Bei). Qing Dynasty, Qianlong period (1736-1795). Courtesy Vermeer & Griggs

very rare stem cup (gaozu bei) with well potted flared sides raised on a tall conical stem foot, richly applied inside and out with a dark red, bubble suffused, orange peel  jihong glaze, also referred to as fresh red imitating Ming sacrificial red, xianhong. The Qing jihong glaze is thinner than the Ming xianhong glaze and the formulation is different but the results are very similar. The rim and the base of the interior of the foot are glazed white. Height:  4 5/8" (11.8cm)  Diameter:  6" (15.2cm). Condition:  Very tiny glaze flake on the rim. Price on request

A nearly identical stem cup from the Wah Kwong Collection was exhibited November 1973-February 1974 at the Art Gallery, Institute of Chinese Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Provenance:  Sotheby's, Vermeer & Griggs Collection No. 420, Bonham's London, Jan-Erik Nilsson Collection.

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