A fine Imperial khotan jade 'dragon' seal. Qing dynasty, Jiaqing period. Photo Sotheby's

of square form, surmounted by a pair of addorsed dragons, each powerfully carved with bulging eyes and flaring nostrils above curling whiskers, the scales and flowing mane finely incised, the two scaly bodies intertwined and crouching on the haunches, pierced through the centre with an aperture attached with a tassel, the seal surface carved in zhuanshu with the characters Jiaqing yubi zhibao (Treasure Inscribed in the Hand of the Jiaqing Emperor), the stone of deep olive green tone with natural veining; 12.7cm., 5in. Estimate 1,000,000—1,500,000 GBP. Lot Sold 1,945,250 GBP to an Asian Trade.

Sotheby's. Fine Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art, 11 May 11, London www.sothebys.com