An important white porcelain vase. Qianlong six-character seal mark. Qing dynasty, 18th Century.. Photo Czerny's

Globular body on a ring-shaped foot; long, cylindrical neck slightly flared at the border, decorated with relieved and engraved palm leaves; at the first part of the body a wide band with branches of peonies, a lingzhi decoration at the shoulder; covered by a warm, cream white glaze showing the underneath decorations, at the base a six-character seal mark. Excellent conditions. high 33,2 cm. Estimate 15000.00 | 20000.00





A ''clair de lune'' porcelain vase . Kangxi six-character mark. Qing dynasty, first quarter of the 18th Century. Photo Czerny's

Elegant shape, short foot, drum-shaped body, long neck and flared border, with fine relieved and engraved decorations depicting Bagua pearls at the body and a ring at the neck; translucent, sky blue glaze of great quality. The inside surface of the neck and the base are enamelled in white; blue, underglaze, six-character mark at the base. .high 22 cm. Estimate 15000.00 | 18000.00 €


A rare porcelain vase. Qing dynasty, 18th Century. Photo Czerny's

Globular body, sloping shoulder and long, cylindrical neck; deep red glaze with darker veins. .Excellent conditions. high 25 cm. Estimate 5000.00 | 6000.00 €


A gold and blue porcelain vase with gilt bronzes. Qing dynasty, Kangxi period, first quarter of the 18th Century. Photo Czerny's

Slender shape; enamelled blue ground with large, gilded cartouches picturing plants, flowers and rocks. At the neck is attached a fire gilt bronze decoration in the style of Napoleon III period with two large handles. White enamelled border with double, underglaze blue circle. Excellent conditions. high 52 cm. Estimate 3000.00 | 3600.00 €


Fine lapis lazuli porcelain vase. Qing Dynasty, 18th Century. Photo Czerny's

Elegant, baluster-shaped vase of fine quality, the outer surface with ultramarine "blown blue" decoration, white enamelled base and inside surface.  Excellent conditions. high 24,7 cm. Estimate 2800.00 | 3500.00 €


A beautiful blue glazed vase. Qing dynasty, 18th Century. Photo Czerny's

Bottle-shaped vase, long, flared neck and fine, blue glaze. high 39 cm. Estimate 1800.00 | 2200.00 €






A white porcelain teapot. Yongle four-character mark in archaic style (1403/1424). Photo Czerny's

Pear-shaped body, finely engraved with two dragons chasing the pearl; covered with clear, milk white enamel which shows the underneath decoration; at the base a four-character mark in archaic style. Excellent conditions. high 14,5 cm. Estimate 1800.00 | 2200.00 €



A celadon plate marked Qianlong, Qing dynasty, 18th Century. Photo Czerny's

In the shape of a peony flower with curved surface and lobed border. Green celadon glaze with underglaze decoration of corolla and petals. At the base the blue seal mark  Excellent conditions. diameter 34 cm. Estimate 1500.00 | 2000.00 € 




A fine gold and blue vase. Qing dynasty, 18th Century. Photo Czerny's

Pear shape, circular foot, lapis lazuli ground with floral cartouches alternated by gilded, blooming branches, the inside surface of the neck and the base enamelled in white. Excellent conditions. high 28 cm. Estimate 1500.00 | 1800.00 €


An important vase, 18th Century. Photo Czerny's

Cylindrical vase with circular foot and short, slightly flared neck, decorated with grooves imitating the bamboo rod. Porcelain covered with fine "clair de lune" glaze. Excellent conditions. high 31 cm. Estimate 1500.00 | 1800.00 €




A pair of oxblood porcelain jars. Qing dynasty. 18th Century. Photo Czerny's

 Ovoidal shape; thick, heavy porcelain entirely covered by a oxblood glaze with darker veins due to the flux of fluid material, the different concentrations of copper oxide and the atmospheric alteration of the cooking environment. high 32 cm. Estimate 1500.00 | 1800.00 €


A large celadon plate . Qing dynasty., 18th Century. Photo Czerny's

Semi-octagonal shape, entirely moulded and finely engraved with opened lotus; covered with a semi-clear, celadon water glaze, white enamelled at the base. Excellent conditions. diameter 37 cm. Estimate 400.00 | 500.00 €

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