Small junyao type vase,  Fang Hu shaped. Song -Ming dynasty, 13th Century. Photo Czerny's

Beautiful shape, entirely covered with thick, dark blue, dotted enamel showing, at the borders, the brown proto-porcelain typical of this period.  Excellent conditions. high 10,6 cm. Estimate 2800.00 | 3500.00 €




An important Yingqing vase. Song dynasty, 13th Century. Photo Czerny's

Slender, elegant shape, with two small handles depicting spirals, at the neck and the shoulder are three rows of spherical pearls. Relieved motifs at the neck and the body. Light porcelain covered by the typical, translucent, pale light-blue glaze. Excellent conditions. high 25,5 cm. Estimatz 2000.00 | 2500.00 €


A fine proto-porcelain jug. Song dynasty, 13th Century. Photo Czerny's

Moulded shape, the neck in the shape of a trumpet, probably a ding ware, covered by a clear yellowish glaze. Excellent conditions. high 18,5 cm. Estimate 1200.00 | 1500.00 €


A rare Longquanyao celadon small plate. Song-Yuan dynasty, 13th Century. Photo Czerny's

Chamois porcelain plate of curved surface, covered with a thick, aqua celadon craquele glaze. Excellent conditions. diameter 14,7 cm. Estimate 800.00 | 1200.00 €

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