A copper red glazed porcelain vase (yuhuchunping). Yongzheng Mark and Period photo Bonhams

Of elegant pear shape raised on a flared foot and tapering inward to a narrow neck under a flared trumpet mouth, the deep peach-red glaze of even color shading to a darker rich color at the foot, the base with a six character mark written regular script within a double ring in underglaze blue; 9 3/4in (24.8cm) high. Sold for US$290,000



A coral red and gilt enameled porcelain double gourd vase. Jiaqing Mark. photo Bonhams

The rich iron-red ground outlined in gilt with roundels of classic lotus flower and leaf scrolls combined with bats and shou characters, the base bearing the six-character mark in iron red seal script surrounded by turquoise enamel, also applied to the interior neck10 3/8in (26.5cm) high. Sold for US$42,700



A white glazed porcelain vase. Qianlong Mark. photo Bonhams

Displaying a carinated profile to the compressed garlic-headed mouth and join of the shoulder to the body molded in shallow relief with bands of stiff leaves, leiwen and dissolved dragons visible beneath the creamy-white glaze also covering the recessed base bearing an impressed six-character mark in seal script; 8 1/8in (20.5cm) high. Sold for US$9,760



A clair-de-lune glazed porcelain bottle vase. Qianlong Mark. photo Bonhams

Its narrow neck rising from a body of pear form supported on a tall foot, the gray-blue glaze covering all surfaces except the iron-washed foot pad and the base bearing the six-character mark in underglaze blue seal script; 9 3/8in (24cm) high. Estimate: US$4,000 - 6,000 - Unsold


A transmutation blue glazed porcelain vase.  18th-19th Century. photo Bonhams

Potted with a flared rim to the long, waisted neck rising from the compressed globular body with a tall foot, the interior neck and exterior walls displaying a glaze layer of mottled deep blue with bright turquoise patches and tiny spots of metallic silver hue along the foot, the unglazed and recessed base burnt a pale cinnamon brown; 12 1/2in (31.5cm) high. Estimate: US$4,000 - 6,000 - Unsold

Bonhams. Fine Asian Art, 21 Jun 2011, San Francisco www.bonhams.com