Andreoli. Parure en enroulements d'or rose sertis de diamants blancs et cognac. Photo Tajan

comprenant un collier collerette, un bracelet et une paire de clips d'oreilles assortis. Le collier et les clips d'oreilles signés. Poids total : 173 g. Long. interne du collier : 37 cm environ. Long. du bracelet : 17,3 cm environ. Poids total des diamants : 65 cts environ - Estimation : 40 000 / 48 000 €

A diamond and gold parure comprising of a necklace, a bracelet and a pair of earclips by Andreoli.


Andreoli. Beau collier collerette en or gris ajouré. Photo Tajan

à décor de fleurettes de diamants et de saphirs jaunes. Poids : 138,6 g. Long. interne : 39 cm environ. Poids total des diamants : 11 cts environ. Poids total des saphirs : 55 cts environ - Estimation : 29 000 / 35 000 €

A diamond, yellow sapphire and gold necklace.


Andreoli. Paire de clips d'oreilles en fleurs d'or noirci. Photo Tajan

sertis d'environ 15 cts de diamants cognac. Non signés.. Poids : 30,6 g - Estimation : 7 500 / 10 000 €

A pair of diamond and gold earclips by Andreoli.


Andreoli. Paire de clips d'oreilles en fleurs d'or gris. Photo Tajan

les pétales sertis de calcédoine dans un entourage de diamants, centrés d'une perle de culture de Tahiti, retenant en pampille amovible une perle de culture de Tahiti sur une ligne ponctuée de deux diamants sertis clos. Signés. Poids : 32,6 g. Diam. des perles : 11,20 x 11,60 mm environ - Estimation : 5 500 / 6 000 €

A pair of diamond, cultured Tahiti pearl, chalcedony and gold earclips by Andreoli.

Tajan - 98000 Monaco. Mercredi 3 août 2011. Monte-Carlo - Café de Paris - Salon Bellevue - 98000 Monaco.

Note: Valenza-based jeweller Andreoli enjoys a well deserved reputation for its high quality haute joaillerie pieces made of exquisite diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds set in platinum or gold, and many of these one-of-a-kind pieces adorn the necks and ears of royalty around the world.

The pieces are distinguished by their profound originality and have led the brand to international recognition in just a few short years.

For some time now, however, owner Jack Hadjibay has been experimenting with other gemstones and metals, inventing looks that remain true to Andreoli’s classic feel while becoming more playful and youthful. One of these new looks involves the use of titanium. An ultra-light metal that is half the weight of gold, titanium is also very difficult to work with. “We are not breaking the mould with titanium,” says Hadjibay with a smile, “because there is no mould to break. This is really quite new.”

The advantage of titanium’s lighter weight is offset by the extreme difficulty of setting precious gemstones into the metal. “It took our designers a full year of intense experimentation to achieve the desired effect,” he adds. And the desired effect is stunning.

They range from extraordinary brooches in the form of resplendent butterflies or flowers made of coloured layers of titanium and gemstones to the more classical gem-set rose earrings and rings made in this versatile metal.

Amid all the inventive techniques and unique designs, Jack Hadjibay always keeps one thing in mind for his pieces. “I want women to feel comfortable in my jewellery. I want them to love the piece and to love themselves in it.” He also insists on excellent quality and craftsmanship, which are readily apparent at first glance for all Andreoli’s jewellery, from the dazzling to the demure.