Willem I van de Velde, Englische Kriegsschiffe. Estimate: 70,000 EUR / $95,900.

MUNICH.- With Willem I van de Velde’s grisaille-work ”Englische Kriegsschiffe“ (English Warships) a masterpiece of marine painting will be called up at Ketterer Kunst in Munich on 27 October. ”This means that a painting by the presumably most renowned 17th century marine painter will be offered on the German auction market for the first time*”, said company owner Robert Ketterer.

Besides the work’s rareness - similar works can be found in the Louvre in Paris and in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam - it is particularly the grisaille technique, which van de Velde executed with great poise, that makes it so exceptional. Taking the graphic details into account, he attained a high level of plasticity and depth effect by means of subtle hatchures and a soft wash. The estimate for the work from the 1680s is at € 70.000-90.000.


Joost Cornelisz. Droochsloot (1586 - 1666), Ansicht eines winterlichen Dorfes mit dem Festzug des St. Valentin. 1622. Estimate: € 30.000-40.000

Besides Joost Cornelisz. Droochsloot's 1622 work “Ansicht eines winterlichen Dorfes mit dem Festzug des St. Valentin“ (estimate: € 30.000-40.000), other exciting lots that will be called up in the section of Old Masters are Johann Friedrich Gruber's oil painting“Prunkstillleben mit Hummer, Singvögeln und Pokalen“ (estimate: € 15.000-20.000) and Gaspar Pieter Verbruggen's “Blumenstillleben in einer Bronzevase“ (estimate: € 14.000-18.000) - as well as works by Albrecht Dürer, Bernardo Bellotto, called Canaletto, Hendrik Goltzius, Jan van Huchtenburgh, and Adriaen van Ostade.


Johann Friedrich Gruber, Prunkstilleben mit Hummer, Singvögeln, Glas, Becher, Krug und Buckelpokal. 1670. Estimate: 15,000 EUR / 20,550 $


Gaspar Pieter Verbruggen, Großes Blumenstillleben in einer Bronzevase. 1693. Estimate: 14,000 EUR / 19,180 $

The section of Art of the 19th Century is led by Ludwig Ferdinand Schnorr von Carolsfeld's oil painting “Die Heimkehr des verlorenen Sohnes“ from 1838. Following the principles of the “Nazarenes“, it shows the well-known scene of a biblical parable with a highly emotional character. The estimate is at € 70.000-90.000.


Ludwig Ferdinand Schnorr von Carolsfeld, Die Heimkehr des verlorenen Sohnes. 1838. Estimate: 70,000 EUR / 95,900 $.

With a similarly high estimate of € 50.000-70.000 Charles Leickert's “Geschäftiges Treiben am Flussufer eines holländischen Städtchens“ reaches the same realms. Made in the 1860s-1880s, the masterly executed oil painting renders the everyday world of the 19th century in all its facets with great poise.


Charles Leickert, Geschäftiges, Treiben am Flussufer eines holländischen Städtchens. Estimate: 50,000 EUR / $68,500

Another highlight is Franz von Stuck's work ”Adam und Eva“ from around 1893. The estimate for the early bronze relief, which is very likely to be a unique piece, is at € 40.000-60.000.


Franz von Stuck (1863 Tettenweis - 1928 München), Adam und Eva. 1893. Estimate: 40,000 EUR / 54,800 $

The range of offerings in this section is completed by, among others, Paul von Franken’s oil painting ”Kaukasische Landschaft“ from 1872, which captures the observer with a subtle light atmosphere (estimate: € 10.000-15.000), as well as by works from Ernst Karl Eugen Koerner and Themistockles van Eckenbrecher. While the first is going to fascinate with a nocturnal view of the “Goldenes Horn“, a bay at the Bosporus in Istanbul (estimate: € 14.000-15.000), the latter will enter the race with an impressive coastal view of the Crimea (estimate: € 4.000-5.000). Last but not least Jakob Grünenwald’s ”Heimkehr vom Feld“ (estimate: € 5.000-7.000), which originates from his main period of artistic creation, should not remain unmentioned. 


Paul von Franken, Kaukasische Landschaft. 1872. Estimate: 10,000 EUR / 13,700 $


Ernst Karl Eugen Koerner (1846 Stibbe - 1927 Berlin), Blick über den Bosporus auf Konstaniopel bei Nacht. 1874. Estimate: 14,000 EUR / 19,180 $


Themistokles von Eckenbrecher (1842 Athen - 1921 Goslar), Felsige Schwarzmeerküste auf der Krim. 1912. Estimate: 4,000 EUR / 5,480 $