A Monumental Safavid Blue and White Baluster Vase, Persia, 17th Century

of pear shaped form, with a narrow, slightly everted rim, decorated in underglaze cobalt blue, the body composed of leafy lotus tendrils, the neck decorated with outer scrolls filled with flowers, the base with a band of squares filled with flowerheads, metal mount to rim; 51.5cm. ESTIMATE 50,000-80,000 GBP. Lot 251 Sold: 55,250 GBP

Note: A similar monumental Safavid vase is illustrated in Crowe 2002, p.35, no.248. Two other vases in this style are also discussed in Lane 1957, p.94, image nos.67 and 68.


A Safavid Blue and White Bottle, Persia, 17th Century.

the body of spherical form with cylindrical neck, decorated in underglaze cobalt blue with various flowers stemming from the base including irises, hyacinths, and carnations, the neck mounted with a silver terminal and cover engraved with two bands of flowerhead patterns; 34cm. ESTIMATE 6,000-8,000 GBP. Lot 263 unsold.

Note: This flask was sold in these rooms in April 1992, lot 117.


A Safavid Blue and White Bottle Vase, Persia, 17th Century

pyriform with bulbous base supported on a short foot, decorated in underglaze cobalt blue and outlined in black on a white background, with four vertical panels depicting lotus ponds and birds, the tapering neck decorated with a lobed arcade and palmette scrolls, the mouth terminating in a silver mount with everted rim; 25.5cm. height. ESTIMATE 3,000-4,000 GBP. Lot 247 Sold: 3,750 GBP

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