Pair of Conch Pearl, Pink Diamond and Diamond Pendent Earrings. Photo Sottheby's

Each suspending on an oscillating conch pearl measuring approximately 11.94 x 9.57 x 7.35mm and 11.90 x 9.39 x 7.87mm respectively, within a frame set with brilliant-cut diamonds and oval pink diamonds, to a surmount set with amarquise-shaped pink diamond, the diamonds and pink diamonds altogether weighing approximately 1.70 and 3.00 carats respectively, mounted in 18 karat pink and white gold. Estimate 750,000-850,000 HKD - Lot Sold: 920,000 HKD



 Melo Pearl, Conch Pearl, Coloured Diamond and Diamond Ring, Chen Chan, .Photo Sottheby's

Of floral design, the flower centres set with a melo pearl and a conch pearl measuring approximately 18.91 x 16.23 x 14.96mmand 12.48 x 8.79 x 7.01mm respectively, decorated by clusters of pear-shaped coloured diamonds of yellow and pink hues together weighing approximately 2.30 carats, to flower petals set with brilliant-cut diamonds together weighing approximately 14.95 carats, mounted in 18 karat white gold. Estimate 850,000-1,000,000 HKD - Unsold

Ring size: 7¼

Accompanied by GIA report numbered 16218340, dated 17 July 2007, stating that themelo pearl is natural saltwater pearl; also accompanied by GRS report numbered GRS2008-040036T, dated 21 April 2008, stating that the conch pearl is natural.


 Pair of Natural Pearl, Conch Pearl and Diamond Earrings. Photo Sottheby's

Each set with natural pearls of greyish, brownish and cream colour, highlighted on one side by a conch pearl, decorated with brilliant-cut diamonds, mounted in platinum and 18 karat white gold. Estimate 750,000-850,000 HKD - Unsold.

Accompanied by two SSEF and two gem reports.


 Pair of Natural Pearl, Conch Pearl and Diamond Pendent Earrings. Photo Sottheby's

Each suspending on a drop-shaped natural pearl measuring approximately 9.08 x 8.90mm and 8.92 x 7.73mm respectively, surmounted by a conch pearl measuring approximately 8.26 x 5.65 x 4.39mm and 8.15 x 5.70 x 5.16mmrespectively, decorated by brilliant-cut diamonds extending to the hook surmount, mounted in platinum. Estimate 80,000-100,000 HKD - Lot Sold: 250,000 HKD

Accompanied by GIA report numbered 1132613851, dated 11 July 2011, stating that the pearls are natural saltwater pearls, with no indication of treatment.

 Sotheby's. Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite. Hong Kong, 05 Oct 2011