A Famille-Rose Inscribed Double-Gourd 'Narcissus' Wall Vase. Seal Mark and Period of Qianlong. Photo Sotheby's

well potted with a flat back, the globular lower bulb rising to a curved waist flanked by a pair of iron-red stylised flanges, set with a smaller upper bulb rising to a slender neck below a lipped mouth, the lower bulb painted with a panel of lingzhi fungus, below stands of narcissus and a nandina bush laden with ripe red berries, the upper bulb inscribed with a poem in clerical script (lishu) and four characters Qianlong yuzhi ('Made by Imperial order for Qianlong'), followed by a Qian trigram seal and another seal reading Long, all reserved on a gradated purple ground, the base inscribed with a four-character reign mark in gilt on an iron-red ground, wood stand; 20.3 cm., 8 in. Estimate 180,000-220,000 HKD - Lot Sold: 500,000 HKD

Sotheby's. Fine Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art. Hong Kong. 05 Oct 2011 www.sothebys.com