Lot 506. The Sun-Drop diamondEstimate 10,200,000-14,000,000 CHF. Lot sold 11,282,500 CHF. Photo Sotheby's

The fancy vivid yellow pear-shaped diamond weighing 110.03 carats, mounted in yellow gold as a ring for presentation, size 52, accompanied by a wooden presentation box. Accompanied by GIA report no. 2125746663 stating the diamond is Fancy Vivid Yellow, VVS1 Clarity. Further accompanied by a GIA monograph book.

Note: The largest known Fancy Vivid Yellow pear-shaped diamond at 110.03 carats.

Setting the "Vault Gallery" Ablaze in London

The Sun-Drop was unveiled to the world at London's Natural History Museum where it was exhibited in the famous 'Vault Gallery' from February through August 2011. The world's press along with guests including Jerry Hall, pictured left, were thrilled to view such a rare and beautiful diamond. Historically significant with regard to its size and colour,

Alan Hart, head of collections for the Mineralogy Department, was delighted to display such a stone. "When you look at a diamond like this", he stated in the Museum's press release, "you are not only looking at a unique piece of art, you are looking at the fascinating science that brought this stone to us. The Sun-Drop diamond was formed deep within the Earth's crust 1-3 billion years ago. As it grew, it incorporated nitrogen into its carbon crystal structure. It is these nitrogen impurities that give the diamond its yellow colour as they modify light, absorbing the blue part of the visible spectrum. The diamond then travelled on a long journey upwards in a slushy rock magma. After it was found within a kimberlite pipe (a type of volcanic rock), it was expertly studied and cut, bringing the diamond to life."

The below is an excerpt from the GIA Monograph - The Sun-Drop Diamond - 2011, Gemological Institute of America, Inc.

The mystique of yellow diamonds is nothing new. They have long been recognized and prized among collectors. In 1676, French traveler and gem dealer Jean-Baptiste Tavernier mentioned seeing a large 137.27 carat yellow diamond he referred to variously as the "Florentine," the "Austrian Yellow," and the "Grand Duke of Tuscany" in descriptions of several famous diamonds he encountered during his travels in India.

For diamonds, a large crystal displaying a notable strength of color is quite a rarity. Accordingly, a sizable fashioned gem with a strong color is even more unusual given the paucity of rough material. In fact, polished diamonds over 100 carats of any color, weak or strong, are quite uncommon. Given these considerations, the impressiveness of the 110.03 carat Fancy Vivid Yellow Sun-Drop comes into sharp focus.

With its large size and strikingly rich color, the Sun-Drop possesses a commanding presence sure to capture the attention and imagination of all who view it. While gazing at such a diamond, we must wonder what its future will hold. It can surely rank already with the historic diamonds of the past, and we can only wait for the Sun-Drop's story to be revealed.

Colour Grading The Sun-Drop: for fancy-color diamonds, color far outweighs the other "Cs" (clarity, cut, and carat weight) when establishing value. Therefore, it is critical to understand color appearances and how they affect color grades and descriptions.

Accurately describing color in diamonds is no simple task, given the wide range of possible hues. Furthermore, variations in brilliance and bright-dark contrast patterns also complicate the assessment. In 1995, GIA refined its color grading system, adding grades to better define rare depths of color that were not commonly seen in years past. With the addition of Fancy Vivid, GIA was able to highlight these rare, highly saturated diamonds in all hues. Since that time, very few diamonds passing through the Lab earn this distinction. In a 1998 sampling of yellow diamonds, GIA noted that only 4% were graded Fancy Vivid, regardless of size. Similarly, a 2003 sampling indicated that only 6% received a grade of Fancy Vivid. This already small quantity is reduced to a mere fraction as size increases. Few people will ever see such an opulent color in a diamond the size of the Sun-Drop."


Lot 442. Impressive unmounted diamond. Estimate 320,000-500,000 CHF. Lot sold 842,500 CHF. Photo Sotheby's

The unmounted fancy intense yellow cushion-shaped diamond weighing 29.57 carats. 

Accompanied by GIA report no. 5131670655 stating the diamond is Fancy Intense Yellow, Natural Colour, SI1 Clarity.


Lot 332. Fancy intense yellow diamond ring weighing 13.13 carats, Graff. Estimate 260,000-350,000 CHF. Lot sold 842,500 CHFPhoto Sotheby's

Centring on a fancy intense yellow cushion modified brilliant-cut diamond weighing 13.13 carats, between shoulders set with pear-shaped diamonds, mounted in gold and platinum, size 50, signed Graff. 

Accompanied by GIA report no. 2105193494 stating the diamond is Fancy Intense Yellow, Natural Colour, VVS2 clarity.


Lot 431.  A 14.51 carats Fancy yellow and fancy light yellow diamonds ring. Estimate 140,000 — 230,00130,000 — 180,0000. Lot sold 308,500 CHF. Photo Sotheby's

Claw-set with a fancy yellow cut-cornered rectangular modified brilliant diamond weighing 14.51 carats, between two cushion-shaped fancy yellow and fancy light diamonds respectively weighing 1.02 and 1.01 carats, mounted in gold, size 56½. 

Colour, VVS1 Clarity. Further accompanied by GIA reports no. 1252307 and 1253437 both dated 3rd March 1981, stating that the 1.02 and 1.01 carat diamonds are respectively Fancy Yellow and Fancy Light Yellow, Natural Colour, VS2 and VVS2 Clarity.


Lot 435. Fancy vivid yellow diamond ring, weighing 7.93 carats. Estimate 130,000-180,000 CHF. Lot sold 308,500 CHF. Photo Sotheby's

Claw-set with a cushion modified brilliant fancy vivid yellow diamond weighing 7.93 carats, flanked by triangular diamonds, mounted in platinum and yellow gold, size 51. 

Accompanied by GIA report no. 2135670680 stating that the 7.93 carat diamond is Fancy Vivid Yellow, natural colour,VVS1 clarity.


Lot 337. Fancy intense yellow diamond weighing 8.91 carats and ruby ring. Estimate 125,000-205,000 CHF. Lot sold 152,500 CHF.  Photo Sotheby's

The fancy intense yellow cushion-shaped diamond weighing 8.91 carats, within a shield-shaped mount pavé-set with circular-cut rubies, mounted in silver and gold, size 51, French maker's mark. 

Accompanied by GIA report no. 2135050610 stating that the diamond is Fancy Intense Yellow, VS1 Clarity


Pair of  Fancy Intense Yellow and  Fancy Yellow diamond ear clips. Photo Sotheby's

Designed as clusters set with pear-shaped diamonds weighing a total of 19.88 carats, mounted in yellow gold, post and clip fittings. Estimate 100,000-150,000 CHF

Accompanied by sixteen GIA reports stating that the diamonds ranging from 2.02 to 0.91 carats are Fancy Intense Yellow and Fancy Yellow, natural colour.


Lot 240. A 5.62 carats Fancy intense yellow diamond ring. Estimate 90,000-135,000 CHF. Lot sold 117,700 CHF. Photo Sotheby's

Set with a step-cut fancy intense yellow diamond weighing 5.62 carats, within a border of tapered baguette diamonds, size 55, with sizing band. 

Accompanied by GIA report no. 2135772344 stating that the step-cut diamond is Fancy Intense Yellow, Natural Colour, VVS2 clarity.


Lot 430. Fine pair of emerald and fancy coloured diamond pendent earrings, Cartier, 1966. Estimate 75,000-120,000 CHFLot sold 92,500 CHF. Photo Sotheby's

Designed as clusters of fancy coloured pear-, marquise- shaped and brilliant-cut diamonds, highlighted with cabochon emeralds, connected by bow motifs set with single- and brilliant-cut colourless diamonds, mounted in gold and platinum, clip fittings, signed Cartier Paris, French assay and maker's marks. 

Accompanied by GIA report no. 2125301968 and supplement stating that eight of the diamonds tested were found to be natural colour, amongst which Fancy Intense Orange and Fancy Vivid Orangy Yellow are included. Also accompanied by GIA report no. 5121301967 stating that two emeralds tested were found to have moderate clarity enhancement.


 Fancy Yellow diamond and diamond ring. Photo Sotheby's

Claw-set with a fancy yellow oval modified brilliant-cut diamond within a surround of brilliant-cut diamonds, mounted in platinum, size 52. Estimate 55,000-80,000 CHF

Accompanied by GIA report no. 2105253867 stating that the 5.16 carat diamond is Fancy Yellow, Natural Colour, VS1 Clarity.


Lot 444. Fancy Yellow and Fancy Intense Yellow diamond brooch, Graff. Estimate 46,000-66,000 CHF. Lot sold 98,500 CHF. Photo Sotheby's

Of garland design, set with pear-shaped, oval and brilliant-cut diamonds of fancy yellow and fancy intense yellow colour and accented with pear-shaped, brilliant-cut, marquise and baguette diamonds, signed Graff and numbered, case. 

Accompanied by eight GIA reports stating that the 1.01ct, 1.03ct, 1.16ct, 1.24ct, 1.67ct, 1.74 ct and 2.00 carat pear modified brilliant and pear brilliant diamonds are all Fancy Yellow, natural colour, with clarities ranging from IF to VS2 and that the 1.05 carat oval modified brilliant diamond, is Fancy Intense Yellow, natural colour, VS2 clarity.

Property from a royal collection.


Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond ring. Photo Sotheby's

The fancy fivid yellow rectangular step-cut diamond weighing 3.04 carats, within a frame of brilliant-cut diamonds, mounted in platinum and gold, size 52. Estimate 42,000-60,000 CHF

Accompanied by GIA report no. 2135941210 stating that the 3.04 carat diamond is Fancy Vivid Yellow, Natural Colour, SI1 Clarity.


Fancy Intense Yellow diamond and diamond pendant. Photo Sotheby's

Set with a fancy intense yellow brilliant-cut diamond weighing 1.79 carats and a brilliant-cut diamond weighing 3.88 carats, mounted in gold, pendant bail. Estimate 37,000-65,000 CHF

Accompanied by GIA report no. 5131776225 stating the diamond weighing 1.79 carats is Fancy Intense Yellow, Natural Colour, VVS2 clarity, and GIA report no. 2135822088 stating the diamond weighing 3.88 carats is L colour, VVS1 clarity.

Further accompanied by GIA worksheet stating that the 3.88 carat diamond may be Potentially Flawless after repolishing.


Fancy Yellow diamond ring. Photo Sotheby's

Fancy YellowThe fancy yellow step-cut diamond weighing 4.62 carats, between two triangular-shaped diamonds, further highlighted with brilliant-cut stones, size 49, two small diamonds deficient. Estimate 30,000-50,000 CHF

Accompanied by GIA report no. 14175772, stating that the diamond is Fancy Yellow, natural colour, VVS1 clarity.


Pair of Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond and diamond peneant earrings. Photo Sotheby's

The heart-shaped fancy vivid yellow diamonds respectively weighing 1.04 and 1.08 carats within a delicate frame of brilliant-cut diamonds of yellow tint, highlighted by brilliant-cut diamonds, to a similarly cut stone surmount, mounted in platinum and yellow gold. Estimate 23,000-33,000 CHF

Accompanied by GIA reports no. 1112174647 and 211565006 stating that the two heart-shaped diamonds are both Fancy Vivid Yellow, natural colour, respectively SI2 and VS2 clarity.


Diamond ring. Photo Sotheby's

Centring on a pear-shaped diamond of brown tint weighing 3.95 carats, accented by marquise shaped and baguette diamonds, mounted in platinum, size 54. Estimate 20,000-30,000 CHF

Accompanied by IGI certificate no. **** stating that the diamond is ***** colour, ***** clarity.

Sotheby's. Magnificent Jewels, Geneva | 15 Nov 2011 www.sothebys.com