A brown-glazed, Jizhou jar, guan. Song or Jin DynastyPhoto Bonhams

The sides gently tapering towards the globular shoulder, the grey stoneware all covered in a rich dark brown, charcoal glaze and boldly painted with beige designs of leafy branches below the lipped rim, glazed base; 17.5cm (7in) high. Estimate: £3,000 - 5,000, € 3,600 - 6,000, HK$ 37,000 - 61,000

Note: For examples of similar decoration, but on a dish, and attributed to the Song Dynasty, see H. Li, Chinese Ceramics: The New Standard Guide, London, 1996, pl. 301; another similar example, but with a different mouth, and attributed to the Northern Song - Jin Dynasty, is illustrated by the same author, ibid., pl. 309.

BonhamsChinese & other Asian Works of Art, 29 Feb 2012, London, Knightsbridge