Chinese Polychrome Painted Stucco Figure of Buddha. Song-Ming Dynasty Photo Doyle New York 

Seated in dhyanasana, dressed in loosely draped robes, the hands held before him in a teaching pose, the face deeply carved with a serene meditative expression, the downcast eyes with inset glass pupils, all between elongated earlobes and below a central urna, the robe painted red with green lining, seated on a blue plinth. Height 28 inches. Head and face have been stabilized, left wrist has a break, right wrist has a crack, hands have some restoration, overall flaking of pigment, base is crumbling around the edges and needs to be stabilized. Estimate $10,000-15,000 

Doyle New York. Asian Works of Art. Monday, March 19, 2012 at 10amhttp://www.doylenewyork.com