An unusual large silvery bronze octalobed mirror with flowers. Tang dynasty (618-907)Photo: Christie's Images Ltd 2012 

Of kuihua (sunflower) shape, the knob in the center of a finely cast eight-petaled flower set within a beaded border encircled by a band of leafy, budding flower scroll; 9¾ in. (24.8 cm.) across, 3/16 in. (.4 cm.) thick, box - 1664.3g . Estimate $12,000 - $18,000

唐 寶相花紋葵花式鍍銀銅鏡

Provenance: Robert H. Ellsworth Collection, New York, acquired from Alice Boney, Japan, 1960s. 

Notes: Compare the related octalobed mirror of smaller size (18.9 cm.) in the Sumitomo Collection, which also has a central eight-petaled flower surrounded by flower scroll, illustrated in the exhibition catalogue, Chinese Bronze Mirrors, Sen-Oku Hakuko Kan, Kyoto, 8 January - 6 March 2011, no. 151, where it is dated Tang dynasty, ca. 757-845. 

Christie's. Luminous Perfection: Fine Chinese Mirrors from the Robert H. Ellsworth Collection, 22 March 2012, New York, Rockefeller Plaza