A belle époque diamond brooch, circa 1900Photo Bonhams

Designed as a lacework bow, the tie and ribbon highlighted with collet-set Jubilee and old brilliant-cut diamonds, within a border of single-cut diamonds, all within millegrain-settings, later brooch fitting, total diamond weight very approximately 7.60 carats total, length 5.4cm. Sold for £13,125 

NoteThis brooch is similar in taste to the delicate lacework jewels by Massin and Lalique, circa 1880, which were designed to be stiched over the tulle fashions of the day. The popularity of this design continued into the early 20th century after the style was taken up by Boucheron and other major jewellery houses. The use of the Jubilee-cut diamonds is also interesting. This unusual cut, which combines the rose and the brilliant and has eight star facets on the table, was developed in 1896 to commemorate Queen Victoria's Jubilee.

BonhamsFine Jewellery, 25 Apr 2012. London, New Bond Street