A small Yixing 'plum blossom' vase and a 'pine' cup. Mid Qing dynasty. Photo Bonhams

The brushpot formed as a section of pine trunk, naturalistically potted and carved in high relief with branches and pine needles, the tree bark and scales vividly depicted, the body of a grey-brown colour, together with a small vase(beige and red spotted), decorated with high relief prunus branches, buds and flowers, the beige body impressed with three seals and spotted with red splashes. The largest: 13cm long. (2). Lot 513. Sold for HK$ 450,000 

From the Mr and Mrs Gerard Hawthorn Collection

Bonhams. 27 May 2012 4 p.m. Hong KongYixing stoneware and scholar's objects from private collections