A collection of hardstone snuff bottles, 19th centuryPhoto Bonhams

 An agate globular snuff, the dark inclusions in the smoky yellow stone carved as monkeys eating peaches, 6cm high, a second agate example where the dark green layer is worked as a crab and lotus leaves, opposite an incised carp in the translucent stone, 7.2cm high, a carved glass bottle worked in very low relief as a horse reclining beneath a pine tree, with mask handles and two character inscription, coral stopper,7.2cm high, a carved jade example in finely mottled green stone, decorated with ducks among lotus, 6.7cm high, and a flattened ovoid bottle in white and apple green jade, with coral stopper, 6.4cm high (5). Sold for £10,625

Bonhams. 18 Jul 2012 11 a.m. EdinburghAsian Art