A Jizhou Partially-Glazed 'Willow Basket' Stoneware Jar. Southern Song-Yuan Dynasty, 13th-14th Century. Photo: Christie's Images Ltd 2012

The unglazed exterior is finely combed with parallel lines forming concentric semi-circles on two sides and, at their longest, continuing under and across the small flat base. There is a combed band encircling the neck above a row of pointed bosses of white glaze. The rolled rim and interior are covered with a russet-mottled black glaze. 3 5/16 in. (8.4 cm.) across mouth. Estimate $5,000 - $7,000

南宋/元 吉州窰素胎絡紋內黑釉褐斑小罐

Provenance: The Falk Collection I; Christie's New York, 20 September 2001, lot 90. 

Notes: Two similar vessels are illustrated by M. Tregear, Song Ceramics, New York, 1982, p. 194, pl. 265, from the collection of the Percival David Foundation, and an example found off the coast of Sinan, South Korea, p. 198, fig. 268. The author notes that shards of this type of ware have been found at the Ganzhou kiln site in Qilizhen, Jiangxi province, such as that included in the O.C.S. exhibition, Kiln Sites of Ancient China, British Museum, London, and Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, 1980, no. 252, along with an intact jar, no. 251. As the jars have been found in various sizes, it has been suggested that they might have been rice or grain measures. 

Christie'sFine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art Part II, 13 September 2012. New York, Rockefeller Plaza