A Fine Copper-Red And Underglaze-Blue Decorated Porcelain Moonflask with Lotus and Peaches, China, underglaze blue Qianlong seal mark. Photo Nagel

seal mark, thickly potted with rounded sides rising to a waisted neck, finely painted in brilliant blue and copper red with elaborate leafy scrolls of lotus, centred on each side with medallions of fruiting branches of peach enclosing a bat, all above a lappet border and a frieze of lingzhi scrolls encircling the splayed foot, the neck painted with lotus flowerheads with leafy tendrils above a stylised ruyi collar and a double-line border, flanked by two elephant-head handles, with a further ruyi band encircling the rim - Very small restoration to one handle, good condition. H. 51,2 cm. Estimate 20 000 €

Property from a North German private collection, bought in France in the 1980’ies 

Nagel. Sale 689, 2012/11/02 http://www.auction.de